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Database updated: 01 April 2018
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News and Upgrade Log

02 Jun 2017
Gemval is operated by company "Moreno Y Nicole".

17 Apr 2017
PayPal payments for subscription services are accepted .

28 Mar 2017
Dot Seven Ltd took over technical support of the project.

15 Jan 2017
Major update of all sections.

30 Jun 2016
Alexandrite, Chrysoberyl, Demantoid sections updated.

28 Jun 2016
Ruby and Sapphires sections updated.

31 Mar 2016
Opal (Australia) and Opal (Ethiopia) sections updated.

29 Jan 2016
Orange Kyanite added to the database. Kunzite, Hiddenite sections reworked.

1 Jan 2016
The Gemval Team wishes you a happy and fuitful New Year!

24 Dec 2015
Iolite, Sphene (Titanite) sections updated.

6 Nov 2015
Andesine, Labradorite sections reworked.

2 Nov 2015
Hiddenite, Topaz sections updated.

12 Oct 2015
Chrysoberyl section updated.

9 Oct 2015
Ruby, Sapphire, Sphene sections updated.

29 Sep 2015
Benitoite section updated.

28 Sep 2015
Amethyst, Ametrine, Citrine, Quartz sections reworked.

1 Jul 2015
Aquamarine, Beryl, Zultanite sections reworked.

1 Jun 2015
Tanzanite section reworked.

1 Jan 2015
Topaz section reworked. Light-blue color (untreated) added to the database.

27 Dec 2014
From all the team at Gemval, to all our valued customers. Have a wonderful Christmas season this year, and may 2015 be a 'gem' of a year and a prosperous one for you all.
Here at Gemval we will be working hard to bring you the quality service you have come to expect from us, and we look forward assisting you even more with your businesses.

10 Oct 2014
Emeralds section reworked.

27 Aug 2014
We publish the gemstone occurrence analysis based on Gemval valuation stats.

25 Aug 2014
Emerald and Tanzanite sections reworked.

18 Aug 2014
Aquamarine and Beryl sections reworked.

14 Aug 2014
Hiddenite (green Spodumene) section added. Unheated Sapphires section reworked.

31 July 2014
Ruby section reworked.

21 July 2014
Sapphire and Topaz sections updated.

14 July 2014
Zultanite (color change Diaspore) added to the database.

13 July 2014
Australian Opal and Ethiopian Opal sections updated.

2 July 2014
Now you can save photographs of gemstones in your Personal Collection and export your collection data to Excel table format. These new features are reserved for subscribers.

1 July 2014
Hessonite, Sunstone sections reworked.

24 June 2014
Demantoid section reworked. We added 2 Horsetail clarity grades for Russian demantoids.

18 April 2014
Sapphire section reworked.

31 January 2014
Alexandrite, Emerald, Tanzanite, Topaz sections updated.

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