Aquamarine Valuation Report 95746

Report ID:95746

Created by: GLS Gem

Aquamarine  Valuation Report 95746, 4.53 cts.

Gemstone variety: Aquamarine

Weight: 4.53

Color: 121 - light Green-Blue or Blue-Green; strong (unheated)

Clarity: SI2, Slightly included 2

Cut quality: Excellent

Shape: Fancy

Measurements, mm.: 12X10.2X6.4

Treatment: NONE

LW fluorescence: INERT

SW fluorescence: INERT

Origin (if known): BRAZIL

Description and comments: The origin of the Natural Aquamarine is from Brazil. The color of the gem is Greenish Blue and its weight is about 4.53 Carats and measurements are 12X10.2X6.4MM (length x width x depth). The shape and the cut style of this gem is Faceted and Fancy cut as in the picture. The clarity grade of this gem is SI2(Slightly Included2). It is available to order and we do International shipping as well. Gem certification is provided on additional charges as an optional service

Valuation date: 31 May 2020

Market price estimate: USD 209.32

Report Status: Public

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