Aquamarine Valuation Report 99856

Report ID:99856

Created by: Gems by BRENNER

Aquamarine  Valuation Report 99856, 16.95 cts.

Gemstone variety: Aquamarine

Weight: 16.95

Color: 111 - light very strongly bluish Green; very slightly greyish (unheated)

Clarity: VS, Eye clean 2

Cut quality: Good

Shape: Octagon

Measurements, mm.: 20.7 x 9.8 x 10.3 deep

Treatment: Unheated

Origin (if known): Asia

Description and comments: The photos are of the actual Gemstone you will receive, and should be considered an integeral part of the item(s) description. I included a Microscopic photo of Microscopic inclusions in the Gem, for your information and mine. Incandescent and fluorescent lighting will change the color of the gems. Auto glass changes the color of gems also by filtering some of the light spectrum. Light is everything with gemstones of course, and some are affected more than others by the type of light viewed under. FYI, I try to include microscopic images of solid inclusions within my gemstones so as to preclude the possibility of them being confused with synthetic Gems. Synthetics often will display inclusions of a gas bubble nature or undisolved flux. Synthetic bubble inclusions are often of high relief because of their different refractive index, they mostly form spherical shapes with trianglular or tadpole shapes, and often even doughnut shapes. Inclusion within a heated Gem often have a "Saturn" effect surrounding an inclusion because of the effect of the "coefficient of thermal expansion" meaning that alll substances expand when heated, and if an inclusion should expand more than the host, the result will be a stress fracture around the inclusion which are generally circular with a glassy, highly reflective appearance.

Valuation date: 29 Feb 2024

Market price estimate: USD 1533.14

Report Status: Public

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