Emerald Valuation Report 110281

Report ID:110281

Created by: Salon Petite

Emerald  Valuation Report 110281, 0.60 cts.

Gemstone variety: Emerald

Weight: 0.60

Color: 098 - medium very slightly bluish Green; very slightly greyish

Clarity: VS, Eye clean 2

Cut quality: Good

Shape: Round

Measurements, mm.: 5.055mm x 3.75mm

Specific gravity, g/cm3.: 2.72

Treatment: Natural/Untreated

LW fluorescence: n.a

SW fluorescence: n.a

Origin (if known): Republic of Zambia

Description and comments: 1 x ethically mined natural African emerald, slightly under 5.1mm x 3.75mm x 0.60 carat. Medium, slightly bluish green hue (Gemval hue #098), transparent with minimal inclusions, excellent clarity and luster. Flawless surfaces with balanced, symmetrical facets. Natural and untreated with some nice inner fire that plays out in flashes of silver and pale mint green. Double Refractive with RI 1.598, tested by vendor.

Valuation date: 31 May 2020

Market price estimate: USD 893.73

Report Status: Public

Permanent web location: https://gemval.com/valuation/emerald/?id=110281

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