Opal (Australia) Valuation Report 128463

Report ID:128463

Created by: Project OPX Pty Ltd Australia

Opal (Australia)  Valuation Report 128463, 1.30 cts.

Gemstone variety: Opal (Australia)

Weight: 1.30

Color: X1-GB - Green-Blue shift.
Strong radiance, intense color play with a dominance of green, blue and violet hues. Splashes fill over 90% of the body. Origin: Australia.

Clarity: BL, Black Body (N1 - N4 Tone)

Cut quality: Excellent

Shape: Regular cabochon

Measurements, mm.: 11x6

Origin (if known): Lightning Ridge Australia

Description and comments:

Valuation date: 29 Feb 2024

Market price estimate: USD 687.72

Report Status: Public

Permanent web location: https://gemval.com/valuation/opal-australia/?id=128463

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