Ruby Valuation Report 126334

Report ID:126334


Ruby  Valuation Report 126334, 2.81 cts.

Gemstone variety: Ruby

Weight: 2.81

Color: 220 - medium slightly purplish Red; strong (Burma, unheated)

Clarity: VVS, Eye clean 1

Cut quality: Excellent

Shape: Pear

Measurements, mm.: 10.10 x 7.30 x 4.22

Specific gravity, g/cm3.: 3.99

Treatment: None

LW fluorescence: None

SW fluorescence: None

Origin (if known): Burma

Description and comments: Nowadays rubies of a certain size, more than one carat, of excellent quality are extremely rare. However, there are many rubies and sapphires treated in the gemstone trade to improve their color. Some treatments are very sophisticated and difficult to detect. Many rubies with internal fractures are filled with glass to hide the fractures and improve the transparency of the gem

Valuation date: 27 May 2020

Market price estimate: USD 42828.31

Report Status: Public

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