Ruby Valuation Report 87728

Report ID:87728

Created by: DELAROSSA

Ruby  Valuation Report 87728, 2.19 cts.

Gemstone variety: Ruby

Weight: 2.19

Color: 220 - medium slightly purplish Red; strong (Africa, heated)

Clarity: SI2, Slightly included 2

Cut quality: Excellent

Shape: Oval

Measurements, mm.: 8.2 x 6.8 x 4.2

Specific gravity, g/cm3.: 3.99

Treatment: Heated

LW fluorescence: Strong red

SW fluorescence: Strong red

Origin (if known): Tanzania

Description and comments: Natural heated ruby

Valuation date: 27 Mar 2023

Market price estimate: USD 2840.74

Report Status: Public

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