Spinel Valuation Report 129107

Report ID:129107

Created by: Salon Petite

Spinel  Valuation Report 129107, 0.98 cts.

Gemstone variety: Spinel

Weight: 0.98

Color: 218 - medium light slightly purplish Red; strong

Clarity: VS, Eye clean 2

Cut quality: Good

Shape: Round

Measurements, mm.: 6.01mm x 3.9mm

Specific gravity, g/cm3.: 3.92

Treatment: Natural and Untreated

LW fluorescence: n.a

SW fluorescence: n.a

Origin (if known): Songea, Tanzania

Description and comments: 1 x natural pink spinel with eye-clean clarity (=transparency). Gemval hue 218 : candy pink, slightly magenta, with a sapphire-like sparkle that entertains under lights with plenty of bright silver and lilac flashes. Well cut stone with facets that show neat proportions and symmetry and smooth, unblemished surfaces.

Valuation date: 29 Feb 2024

Market price estimate: USD 212.47

Report Status: Public

Permanent web location: https://gemval.com/valuation/spinel/?id=129107

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