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Beryl: average retail prices, Apr 2024

Beryl is a silicate mineral that has different color varieties, of which the most well-known are aquamarine (blue), emerald (green) and morganite (pink). It can also be white, red, orange, and colorless. In fact, pure beryl is colorless, while trace amounts of various elements give it its different colors.

Beryl makes it an excellent gemstone for jewelry, due to its hardness (7.5 - 8 on Mohs scale), its clarity, and the fact that is has different color variations. Nevertheless, it can be brittle, and it's susceptible to damage from hits or blows, so it should be handled with care.

Clarity and color are the most important factors in determining beryl's value. Among the most expensive beryl exemplars are emeralds from Colombia; in general, beryl is one of the expensive gemstones on the market. You can find detailed information on its market price in beryl's value chart.

Beryl is most often found in granite rocks, and is mined in different countries in South America, as well as in Russia, USA, Afganistan, and Zambia.

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