What our clients think about Gemval service

It was nice to use your online appraisal software with rich historical and market information database. We informally appraise high grade , high quality gemstones for special clients who order rare goods to our trading partner and to be honest your values reflect 95% match when appraised professionally by industry experts.
Sandeep Mehta, Sachi Investments Private Limited

For pricing, this is a tool that I consider indespensible. The only way I know how to tell near the value... Sometimes I check Gemval before bidding and always before listing. When I list, I always include a statement, saying according to Gemval, this stone is valued at approximately $----. I hope to see your website every time I boot up my computer... Don't know what I would do without it...
Terry Ells, Collector

I have used you as my rule-of-thumb for bidding on and selling stones. I figure if I pay up to 10% of the calculated value, I have done pretty well. My biggest problem is pricing the stones to sell. Oft times, I underprice, so again your algorithm keeps me from acting stupid. I value this software and would love it if I could put in on my pc-phone! That would allow me to do an on-the-spot judgement when presented an opportunity. Thank you for doing this. If you decide to sell the software, I would be honored to help market it! Thanx
Wayne Sturdevant, Gemstone online trader

I think it is great, I can now check to see approximately what a stone is worth before purchasing it. Thank You, for this site.
Gail, Collector

Very impressive site, with a wealth of fascilities. I shall certainly be taking up full membership when my recent purchases are at hand. Keep up the good work.
Anonymous, Collector

Put a wider variety of gemstones on the site. This is a valuable service. I am selling handmade gemstone rings. Your service is my guideline for selling.

I have found it difficult to appraise certain quartz stones, as the colors are not readily accessible on your appraisal list. I find your service interesting and helpful and am considering a short-term membership in order to appraise more stones that I have. Thank you!
Gemstone online trader

Great job! It's my best website when I am looking for the price of cut coloured gemstones. You should increase the number of stones in your list. Epidot is missing. Thanx.
Private collector

Such a nice service thanks, thanks, thanks!
Private collector

Your service is invaluable. Thank you for providing it!
Anonymous, Appraiser

While it may be true that I am new at this; it is also true that I devour any and all info and spend hours every day on the net studying same and also on TV. I have bought several gemstone parcels and am learning by doing. I have never been so happy or fascinated by any enterprise! FINDING your service MADE MY DAY! It is beyond useful. I am passing it on to others I know in the field who have more knowledge than I do but who seek to teach others. Your pricing guide and appraisal service give one more information in one place than one might hope for. KUDOS!!!! I shall use it often and use it as a jumping off place and trust it. May I say that TRUE appraisals make even the novice wish to collect, own, or own for investment purposes, the best gemstones and know the difference. Your service truly makes this clear. (no pun intended.) It is part of the learning experience. AGAIN - your service is a real find. I have a gem parcel arriving this week and will probably be here for hours soon and SO glad that there is somewhere where one can find this info and help.
Anonymous, Collector

Your web site and the appraisal application make online gem bidding and buying a reality. Thanks for developing a great 21 Century application.
George Fortner, Jeweller

Excellent source of information!
Anonymous, Jeweller

Hello, First of all I wanted to state that I absolutely love your website. Being an amateur collector I have very limited resources to find the value of gemstones, so this has become a wonderful instrument in logging and getting a rough estimation of my collection... Thank you so much for aiding in my fascination with the incredible world of Gemstones.
Joy Fussinger, Collector

Very user friendly. Thank you...
Anonymous, Collector

As an amateur collector, I consider your service nothing short of phenomenal! Your online appraisals are easy to use and track. Both the information you provide in an online appraisal and the method of organization you provide for the user are beyond what I could have imagined. The links you provide to other related web sites are seriously helpful as well. Your web site is one of the best to navigate and use that I have ever encountered. Beyond, my small world as a small business person and a collector, I see your web site as not just a credible, professional and reliable resource for understanding and evaluating my personal collection and purchases. I see your site as a much broader and more important service to promote knowledge and ethics in the gem world. I am a great fan! In my little world, your work is high my list of favorite resources! Thank you so very much!
Anonymous, Collector

I have checked for 2 pcs amethyst stones of different color shades but having same weight and shape. I have received exact market values for both the pcs. This service is really excellent; every one connected to the gems trade must have this reliable source on his computer at favorite links.
Upendra Sheth, Gemstone trader

Your site was EXACTLY what I was looking for. I had purchased some gems in an online auction and wanted just a basic ballpark figure of their value. Your site was easy, VERY well done and almost correct to the dime as to the fair market value and resale price. Thanks so much for creating such an easy and helpful site. :)
Anonymous, Collector

I am very pleased to find you service online. I'm happy to be able to obtain at least a + or -10% third party evaluation readily available to me.
Denne, Collector

This is very helpful in guiding me in determining the value of my stones. I noticed that a lot of prices I find online are a bit higher than the appraisal I received here. However this is a great site and very very beneficial to me.
Tami Chavez, Jeweller

It has been one of the most informative sites that I have encountered. It is a huge help when you are trying to determine an estimated value of a gem. Especially when you bid on gems!
Dee Samek, Collector

I was wondering if I could put a link to your site in our e-bay store. I use your site constantly and would like to give my customers the same opportunity.
Kevin Pittman, Gemstone trader

I am a new collector and was offered some really nice stones for a decent price I thought. So I wanted to get on line to see if I could fine a place to check and your site was the first one listed. I am very pleased because the price you gave me was within $2 of the price I was quote from the dealer.
Faye Witt, Collector

The Gemval.com interactive service is, so far, the best I've ever seen on the Web! It's very useful, informative, and educational (especially for the serious collector.)
Anonymous, Collector

Your site is easy to use, and a great way to get a quick idea of a price. Thanks for making it easy and friendly to use.
Anonymous, Collector

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