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Chrysoberyl: average retail prices, Jul 2024

Chrysoberyl, commonly known as "cat's eye" because of its chatoyance, is a rare gemstone that is usually yellow to yellowish-green in color. Despite its name, it's not a type of beryl, but a completely different stone.

The "cat's eye" effect is best observed when the stone is cut into a cabochon, and is one of the factors that influence chrysoberyl's value (not all chrysoberyls will demonstrate this effect). It's a gemstone of a particular hardness - 8.5 on Mohs scale, the third hardest mineral on Earth, making it suitable for all kinds of jewelry.

Alexandrite is a variety of chrysoberyl that is highly prized because of its color changing properties - its color varies from green to red, depending on the source of light.

Due to its rarity, it's one of the lesser known gemstones, and many gem traders do not have it. Chrysoberyl's price will depend on its variety (alexandrite is usually very expensive), as well as carat weight and clarity, among other factors.

Chrysoberyl typically occurs in pegmatites and is found in Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and others.

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