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Demantoid Garnet: average retail prices, May 2024

Demantoid is the the most important and valuable type of andradite, a garnet mineral. It's green in color and cherished for its dispersion and brilliance, rivalling those of diamonds.

It was first discovered in Russia and for a long time it was produced only there. Although new sources have been found in the 90s (such as Madagascar and Namibia), it remains one of the rarest garnet gemstones. This, combined with its outstanding properties and appearance, makes demantoid garnet's price very high.

Most demantoid specimens on the market are small - gemstones larger than 10 cts are very rare. Demantoid's hardness is of 6.5 (on Mohs scale), which means that it's prone to scratching. It's also sensitive to heat.

Demantoid garnet's value often depends on the presence of horsetail inclusions, which are highly appreciated (and are often used as one of demantoid's identifying characteristics), as well as on factors such as carat weight and clarity.

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