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Fancy Diamond: average retail prices, Jul 2024

Fancy diamonds, also known as fancy-color diamonds, are diamonds that have a particularly rich and impressive color. Most diamonds are colorless, or sometimes light yellow or brown; in rare cases, however, diamonds can have a color that is very vivid - enough to earn them the name "fancy diamonds".

Only about one of ten thousand diamonds is a naturally occuring fancy diamond. It's possible to transform a brown diamond into a fancy diamond by artificial treatment, although in this case the fancy diamond's value is much lower.

The fancy diamond's price depends on the properties of their color, such as purity, quality and saturation. The colors can vary from yellow to blue, red, pink, green and more. The rarest (and the most expensive) diamonds are red, green and blue - for those colors, the fancy diamond's value can be extremely high.

Fancy diamonds are graded according to a complex system, and only the most specialized and highly trained gemstone graders can accomplish that task. Additionally, the fancy diamonds' price can vary widely across the different colors, which makes their purchase (or selling) a particularly challenging process. With the help of our fancy diamond value chart, you'll be able to estimate the price of the piece you own.

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