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Sapphire: average retail prices, May 2024

Sapphire is the blue variety of the mineral corundum, and is the most popular blue gemstone. Another famous variety of corundum is ruby. In fact, gem-quality corundum can occur in many different colors, such as orange, pink, green, purple, and others. Those varieties are also considered sapphires, and are sometimes called "fancy sapphires".

Sapphire is widely used in jewelry, due to its durability and hardness (9 on Mohs scale). It's used both as a standalone gemstone, or as a centerpiece in combination with other gems, or can also have a secondary role, when combined, for example, with diamonds.

One of the most important factors when estimating sapphire's value is color. Saturation and hue both play an important role. The most expensive sapphire exemplars display a deep blue color that is very rich and saturated. With the help of our sapphire value chart you'd be able to estimate the price of the gemstones you own, based on the different nuances and variations in color, as well as on their clarity and carat weight.

Sapphire's price can be very high, and especially that of Kashmir sapphire, which display a fine silk, giving them a velvety look. Kashmir sapphire is very rare, and this part of India and Pakistan produces much less sapphire than before.

Other producers of sapphire are Thailand, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Tanzania, Australia, and others.

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