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Sunstone: average retail prices, Apr 2024

The sunstone gemstone belongs to the group of feldspar minerals and varies from red, orange, brown, to green, or even colorless. Occasionally various colors and nuances can be combined in a single gem.

Many sunstone specimens have a metallic luster caused by goethite or hematite inclusions that reflect light, which is called aventurescence. Although this used to be a defining characteristic of sunstone, some exemplars do not have it, as, for example, golden sunstone from Mexico or some Oregon sunstones.

Oregon sunstone is a popular variety of this gemstone. It is mined in Oregon, and is used in various types of jewelry, made locally in Oregon, US. In other parts of the world it is not used in jewelry pieces very often. Sunstone's value is not particularly high, as buyers don't really know it very well, however, gemstone dealers who make an effort to educate their audience, do see a raise in sunstone sales.

Cut is extremely important when revealing the aventurescence of sunstone, and is also one of the properties that define sunstone's price.

Deposits of sunstone have been found in Norway, Sweden, Russia, and in different parts of the US.

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