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Tourmaline Paraiba: average retail prices, May 2024

Tourmaline Paraiba (or also Paraiba tourmaline) is a rare variety of the tourmaline gemstone, found in the state of Paraiba, Brazil. First discovered in the 80s, it is highly prized because of its vibrant color, ranging from blue-green, to neon-blue, to violet. Not all tourmalines found in the Paraiba state are Paraiba tourmalines - only those demonstrating spectacular colors that weren't the result of additional treatment are considered to be true Paraiba tourmalines.

Paraiba tourmaline's value can be very high, due to its extreme rarity and impressive color, and when it was first discovered, it became very popular and sought after. True Paraiba tourmaline's price per carat weight can reach thousands of dollars.

Tourmaline gemstones of similar quality and with equally impressive colors have been discovered in the early 2000s in Nigeria and Mozambique, with minimal differences to tourmaline exemplars coming from Paraiba, and there have been discussions on whether these can be considered to be of the same variety. According to the more conservative approach, only tourmaline found in the state of Paraiba can be referred to as Paraiba tourmaline.

The blue-green specimens of this rare gemstone are particularly highly valued. Our Paraiba tourmaline's value chart will allow you to determine the value of the gemstone you own, based on its color and weight, among other factors.

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