Special offer for Gemology educational institutions

FREE access for gemology universities and colleges

Gemval's mission is to provide gemstone industry with unique insights into current and historical data about gemstone market. We believe that this information helps the industry to establish more transparency on the market and helps many professionals and amateurs to make their decisions with regard to purchasing and selling gems.

As a part of our ongoing effort to make the unique results of our gemstone market data analysis wider available, we are launching a new initiative aimed to help those who are currently studying gemology in educational institutions (universities, colleges). Our database gives understanding about what kind of gemstones are present on the market, what their current and historical values are, information about distribution of weights, clarity, origin and other parameters.

Gemval is willing to grant absolutely FREE access to students and their teachers who are involved in any educational programs related to gemmology and gemstones. This access is granted solely for educational purposes and can not be used for any commercial activities.

To apply for a free account you need to register with Gemval (this is free) and write us an email to support@gemval.com to receive more details on terms and conditions of usage and to activate free full access to all website services.